Bamboo Eye Mask Brush / 6.25"L

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Bamboo Eye Mask Brush / 6.25"L. Ideal for applying eye contour masks or any mask that requires precise application. Made of renewable bamboo, this brush has short, soft bristles for use on delicate areas, such as under the eyes or on the lips. Its ferrule is made of lightweight aluminum, and its bristles are synthetic. Individually wrapped. 6.25" L

Features & Benefits:

  • Works well for eye contour masks
  • Great for precise application, such as under the eyes or on the lips
  • Durable handle made of renewable bamboo
  • Aluminum ferrule
  • Synthetic bristles

Cleaning & Care:

  1. After use on client, clean debris off brush with soap and warm water.
  2. Use approved EPA registered disinfectant to soak. Read all instructions for soaking times. Do not soak overnight, as it will damage brush.
  3. Rinse brush with clean water and allow to air dry on towel.
  4. You can place it in a UV sterilizer for additional sanitation.
  5. Store in covered cabinet for next client use.