FineTouch Lash and Brow Micro Spoolie Brush / Case of 500 - 10 Bags of 50 Micro Spoolie Brushes

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FineTouch Lash and Brow Micro Spoolie Brush / Case of 500 - 10 Bags of 50 Micro Spoolie Brushes. Elevate Your Lash and Brow Services with Unrivaled Precision and Hygiene. Experience the transformative power of the Lash and Brow Micro Spoolie Brush, an essential tool for beauty professionals seeking perfection in every aspect of their lash and brow services. This versatile and disposable applicator is specifically designed to deliver unparalleled precision and control in grooming, shaping, and enhancing eyebrows and lashes, ensuring your clients always leave your salon with stunning and perfectly-sculpted results.

Revolutionize Brow Lamination With Unmatched Detail

Brow lamination, an increasingly popular treatment that grants clients gorgeously full and beautifully-structured eyebrows, demands accuracy and attention to detail. The Lash and Brow Micro Spoolie Brush's petite, meticulously-crafted bristles are engineered to effortlessly brush even the tiniest of eyebrow hairs into flawless alignment, providing your clients with a polished and enviable finish that lasts for weeks.

Maximize The Impact Of Mascara And Lash Extensions

The Lash and Brow Micro Spoolie Brush's exceptional design isn't just for brows. Its small size and precise bristles make it an indispensable tool for applying mascara and separating lashes, ensuring clump-free and evenly-coated results. For professionals offering lash extensions, this micro spoolie brush is perfect for delicately combing through extensions without causing damage or compromising the adhesive bond.

Prioritize Hygiene And Client Safety

As a beauty professional, you understand the importance of maintaining a clean and sanitary environment for your clients. With the Lash and Brow Micro Spoolie Brush, you can have peace of mind knowing that each disposable applicator is designed for single-use, eliminating the risk of cross-contamination and ensuring optimal client safety.

Convenience And Quality In One Package

Crafted from durable materials such as nylon, stainless steel, and polystyrene, the Lash and Brow Micro Spoolie Brush is a reliable and cost-effective addition to your beauty arsenal. Measuring 4 inches in length, it provides a comfortable grip for effortless maneuverability. Each package contains 50 high-quality pieces, guaranteeing a consistent supply of dependable tools for your salon or spa.

Transform your clients' lash and brow experience with the unparalleled precision, hygiene, and convenience of the Lash and Brow Micro Spoolie Brush. Elevate your services and witness the remarkable results that come with using this indispensable beauty tool.


  • Measurements: 4 inch (101.6 mm)
  • Material: Nylon, Stainless Steel, Polystyrene
  • Packaging: 50 Pieces Per Bag