Precision Eye/Lip Wax Applicators / 3.5" Tapered Wax Sticks / 100 Applicators Per Bag by Spa Essentials

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Precision Eye/Lip Wax Applicators / 3.5" Tapered Wax Sticks / 100 Applicators Per Bag by Spa Essentials. Experience Precision with Spa Essentials 3.5" Eye/Lip Wax Applicators. In the meticulous world of spa and salon services, precision and client satisfaction are intertwined. The Spa Essentials 3.5" Eye/Lip Wax Applicators offer professionals the perfect tool to deliver exceptional results, ensuring lasting positive experiences for their clientele.

Precision Tailored For Eye And Lip Waxing

Featuring a petite structure, these wax applicator sticks offer an unparalleled level of accuracy. The finely tapered end reaches the smallest and most intricate areas, facilitating an even and thorough wax application for all eye and lip regions. Whether it's shaping the perfect eyebrow or providing a precise lip wax, these applicators make every task effortless.

Hygiene And Client Comfort In One Package

The 3.5" length of these applicators ensures a steady grip, providing comfort and control for professionals. Their disposability guarantees a clean and safe service environment, enhancing client confidence about their well-being during the process.

Designed For The Demands Of High Volume Locations

The Spa Essentials Eye/Lip Wax Applicators are designed with high-traffic spa, salon, or beauty center operations in mind. Packed as 100 applicators per bag, they offer a comprehensive solution to meet the demands of your business. Keep your workstations well-stocked and be ready to deliver excellent services at a moment's notice.

Quality And Consistency In Each Use

In the pursuit of client comfort and satisfaction, no detail is too small. These wax applicators represent high-quality, reliable performance - a crucial part of your professional toolkit. Each application enhances the level of service and satisfaction, ensuring that your clients keep coming back.

Available In Cases And Individual Units: