Nacach Wax - Master Hard Waxing Kit

Nacach Wax
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Nacach Wax - Master Hard Waxing Kit. The Master Hard Wax Kit is excellent for overworked professional estheticians with several appointments a day. Just like the name suggests, this packed waxing kit is designed for efficiency. With the Master Hard Wax Kit on hand, professionals can be profitable without having to worry about running out of supply.

The Master Hard Wax Kit includes:

  • 1 large capacity warmer (5 Lbs. capacity)
  • 10 lbs of hard wax (any preferred beads type)
  • 1 pre waxing lotion 16.9 fl oz
  • 1 corn starch powder 6 oz
  • 1 post waxing product (any type of your choice)
  • 1 post-waxing pomegranate body oil
  • 300 body spatulas
  • 200 eyebrows spatulas