Theratools Basalt Premium Therapy Stone Set / 59 Pieces

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Theratools Basalt Premium Therapy Stone Set / 59 Pieces. Designed to give you the effective working tools for many types of massage techniques, this Theratools Basalt Stone Set has a generous amount of large, medium, and small working stones to allow you to consistently rotate stones in and out of your heater to maintain the perfect temperature for your client. This 59 piece set features additional working stones along with the Sacral Belly Stone and other specialty placement stones to create the perfect balance during a stone massage. - 8 Small Stones - 12 Medium Stones - 12 Large Stones - 8 Facial Stones - 8 Toe Stones - 8 Spinal Layout Stones - 2 Palm/Gluteal Stones - 1 Sacral/Belly Stone