ATZEN® PURIFY™ - Calm and Clear™ - Clear Scrub / 3 oz

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Unlock Radiant Skin with PURIFY Clear Scrub. Introducing PURIFY Clear Scrub, a revolutionary face and body scrub designed exclusively for the professional needs of spas, salons, and beauty experts. Crafted with natural, skin-safe jojoba beads, this scrub is your solution to a myriad of skin concerns, offering a fresh, clear complexion without compromising skin health.

Targeting everything from acne and oily skin to razor bumps and rashes, our scrub works tirelessly to balance sebum production, remove dead skin cells, and combat bacteria. Enriched with soothing plant extracts from Ayurvedic traditions, it not only corrects but also prevents future skin imperfections.

Key Features of PURIFY Clear Scrub

  • Formulated with fine jojoba beads for gentle exfoliation
  • Balances sebum production and addresses skin bacteria
  • Corrects acne and pigmentation marks, ensuring a smooth complexion
  • Infused with hydrating and soothing plant extracts from Ayurvedic medicine
  • Keeps pores clear and skin radiant, preventing future breakouts
  • Suitable for sensitized and acneic skin types
  • Part of our Superior to Organic® range, leveraging organic plants and vitamins alongside advanced skincare ingredients
  • Natural, clean, and effective formula trusted by professionals and certified by Leaping Bunny

Enhance Your Professional Skincare Offerings

By incorporating PURIFY Clear Scrub into your treatment protocols, you elevate the skincare experience you offer. This scrub not only promises to refresh and radiate but also to reveal a healthier complexion through its meticulously balanced formula. Ideal for both men and women, it serves as a crucial step towards achieving and maintaining flawless skin.

Equip your spa or salon with PURIFY Clear Scrub to offer your clients the ultimate in exfoliation and skin renewal. Its proven efficacy and commitment to natural, effective ingredients make it an indispensable addition to your professional skincare lineup.