Ensuring an Optimal Outcome in Skin Care

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Ensuring an Optimal Outcome in Skin Care. Ensuring an Optimal Outcome in Skin Care addresses some of the most important topics in medical skin care-not the technical side of the business but the relationship side. Readers will learn how to conduct a client consultation and the most important components of a client care plan. They will also gain valuable advice about developing and maintaining positive working relationships with physicians. From clinician ethics to patient rights, this book helps the reader advance professionally by educating them about these important components of the business.


- Advice on working with clients and physicians helps clinicians succeed in their work.

- Discussions of client rights and clinician ethics delve into subjects not commonly addressed.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Consultations

Chapter 2: Client Care Plans

Chapter 3: Managing Complications

Chapter 4: Social Perceptions and Active Listening

Chapter 5: Developing a Rapport with a Physician

Chapter 6: Ethical Responsibilities of the Aesthetician in the Workplace

Chapter 7: The Client's Rights

Pam Hill, R.N.Thomson - Delmar Learning. 2006. 130 pages.