Sustayne Razor - Wheat Straw - Triple Blade / Case of 250 Count - Individually Packaged

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Sustayne Razor - Wheat Straw - Triple Blade / Case of 250 Count - Individually Packaged - Experience Sustainable Grooming with Sustayne's Wheat Straw Razor. The art of grooming is elevated when combined with a commitment to sustainability. Sustayne's Wheat Straw Razor is a testament to this fusion, offering guests a premium shaving experience while also championing environmental responsibility. Crafted with precision and an eco-conscious mindset, this razor ensures that every shave is not only smooth but also reflective of a commitment to the planet.

For establishments that prioritize both guest satisfaction and environmental stewardship, this razor is the perfect embodiment of those values.

Effortless Shaving With Triple-Blade Precision

Designed with three blades, the razor ensures a close and comfortable shave every time. The wheat straw blade guard enhances the shaving experience, ensuring that the razor glides smoothly over the skin, minimizing irritation and maximizing precision.

The Power Of Wheat Straw: Sustainability In Every Detail

Wheat straw, an often-overlooked agricultural byproduct, finds its purpose in this razor. Comprising 30-40% plant-based materials combined with polypropylene (PP), it results in a durable, food-grade material that stands up to regular use without compromising on quality. By choosing such innovative materials, Sustayne showcases its dedication to reducing environmental impact and repurposing waste.

More Than Just A Razor: A Statement Of Eco-Consciousness

Every Sustayne Wheat Straw Razor is a declaration of commitment to the environment. From the materials used to the recyclable FSC-certified kraft paper sachet it's packaged in, every detail speaks of sustainability. By offering these razors, you're not only providing guests with a premium grooming tool but also aligning your establishment with eco-friendly values.

Transforming Waste Into Worth

By incorporating wheat straw into its products, Sustayne is taking significant steps to reduce environmental impact. This initiative not only provides an additional revenue stream for farmers but also helps in reducing air pollution caused by burning wheat straw. The choice of wheat straw over conventional plastic is a significant stride towards a greener future, making every shave an eco-luxury experience.