Sustayne Shower Cap - Corn Starch / Case of 10 Packs of 100 Count = 1,000 Shower Caps

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Sustayne Shower Cap - Corn Starch / Case of 10 Packs of 100 Count = 1,000 Shower Caps - Experience Eco-Luxury with Sustayne's Corn Starch Shower Cap. In the realm of hospitality, the amenities offered to guests are a reflection of the establishment's values and commitment to quality. Sustayne's Corn Starch Shower Cap is not just an amenity; it's an embodiment of sustainable luxury and meticulous craftsmanship. Designed for the discerning guest who values both comfort and the environment, this shower cap ensures that every shower experience is both luxurious and eco-conscious.

For establishments that pride themselves on offering the best to their guests, this shower cap is a testament to their dedication to sustainability and guest satisfaction.

Keep Hair Perfectly Dry With A Touch Of Nature

Made from compostable cornstarch, this shower cap is designed to offer guests the perfect fit, ensuring their hair remains dry and pristine. Its design ensures a snug fit, preventing any water from seeping in, making every shower a hassle-free experience.

A Commitment To Sustainability In Every Detail

It's not just the material of the cap that speaks of sustainability; even the smallest details have been thoughtfully crafted. The latex thread used in the cap is made of natural rubber and is certified to Oeko-Tex Standard 100. This means that it's free from harmful chemicals and dyes, ensuring that guests are offered nothing but the best.

Eco-Friendly Packaging For The Conscious Guest

Every Sustayne Corn Starch Shower Cap comes individually wrapped in a compostable PLA sachet, reflecting the brand's commitment to reducing environmental impact. This attention to detail ensures that both the product and its packaging align with the ethos of sustainability and minimal environmental impact.

Transform The Shower Experience With Sustainable Choices

With Sustayne's Corn Starch Shower Cap, every shower becomes an eco-luxury experience. Let your guests indulge in the comfort of a high-quality shower cap while also making a positive impact on the environment. In a world where choices define experiences, let yours be one of luxury, quality, and sustainability.