Clairol Kaleidocolors Tubs / 8 oz. / Violet Powder Lightener

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Clairol Kaleidocolors Tubs / 8 oz. / Violet Powder Lightener. Clairol Kaleidocolors Tubs are the ultimate solution for professionals seeking to add that extra pop to their clients' hair. These tonal powder lighteners are designed to make highlighting and other special effects techniques quick and easy, leaving your clients with cool or warm tonality as you lighten their hair.

With speedy timing of up to 10 minutes, you can lighten and tone in a fraction of the time that it would take with other products. These tubs come with 4 tonal powder lighteners, allowing you to create gorgeous toned highlights with minimal effort.

Our Clairol Kaleidocolors Tubs contain moisturizing aloe vera, ensuring that your clients' hair stays healthy and hydrated throughout the process. They also have a refreshing light fragrance, which will leave your clients feeling revitalized after their salon visit.

The multi-hued powders that are included in each tub (Blue, Neutral, Gold, and Violet) offer a wide range of possibilities for creative and unique color combinations.

But what really sets our Clairol Kaleidocolors Tubs apart is the power of 10. They take just 10 minutes to develop, allowing you to lighten and tone your busiest clients in just one step.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to take your clients' hair to the next level with Clairol Kaleidocolors Tubs. Order yours today and see the difference for yourself!


  • 4 tonal powder lighteners
  • Lighten and tone in only 10 minutes
  • Create gorgeous toned highlights
  • Contains moisturizing aloe vera
  • Refreshing light fragrance