Clairol Premium Creme Permanent Developer / 16 oz. / 40 Volume

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Clairol Premium Creme Permanent Developer / 16 oz. / 40 Volume. Experience vibrant, long-lasting color with Clairol Premium Creme Permanent Developer. This high-quality formula is exclusively designed for use with Clairol Professional Premium Creme permanent or demi permanent hair color, providing superior viscosity and optimal bowl-and-brush application. With 46 permanent shades and 18 demi shades to choose from, you can achieve the perfect shade for any client.

But it's not just about color - the exclusive Soy Complex formula in each shade boosts shine up to 65%, leaving hair looking healthy and radiant. Whether you're matching or deepening color, covering gray, or lightening natural hair color, the Premium Creme Dedicated Developers come in a range of volumes to suit your needs.

For professionals in the beauty industry, choosing the right products is essential to providing exceptional results for clients. With Clairol Premium Creme Permanent Developer, you can trust that you're using a reliable and effective product that will leave clients feeling confident and satisfied with their hair color.


  • To match or deepen color, use 10-volume Premium Crme Developer.
  • To cover more than 30% gray, use at least 20-volume.
  • To lighten natural hair color Levels 4-10
    (Light Brown - Lightest Blonde):
    1 LEVEL - 10 VOLUME
    2 LEVELS - 20 VOLUME
    3 LEVELS - 30 VOLUME
    4 LEVELS - 40 VOLUME
    5 LEVELS - DOUBLE 40* VOLUME - When mixed with high-lift blondes
  • To lighten natural hair color Levels 1-3(Black - Medium Brown):
    1 LEVEL - 20 VOLUME
    2 LEVELS - 30 VOLUME
    3 LEVELS - 40 VOLUME (note: 40-volume developer is not recommended for relaxed or permed hair)