Colortrak Luck of the Dragon Pop-Up Foil - 5" x 11" Sheets / 400 Count

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Colortrak Luck of the Dragon Pop-Up Foil - 5" x 11" Seets / 400 Count

Transform Hair Artistry with Luck of the Dragon Pop-Up Foil. Step into a world where creativity meets efficiency, and every hair coloring session turns into a masterpiece with the Luck of the Dragon Pop-Up Foil. As we embrace the energy and vigor of 2024, the Year of The Dragon, this unique foil not only adds a touch of celebration to your salon but also enhances your professional artistry.

Designed specifically for the discerning stylist who seeks both beauty and functionality in their tools, this foil stands out with its vibrant dragon motif and captivating hues of blue and purple, ensuring your salon is the talk of the town.

Unleash Creativity with Every Sheet

The Luck of the Dragon Pop-Up Foil is more than just a tool; it's a statement of quality and creativity. With its economical bulk packaging and convenient pop-up dispenser, this foil ensures that you're always prepared to bring your client's vision to life. The pre-cut sheets are ready to use, speeding up the process and allowing you to focus on your artistry.

  • Economical Pop-Up in Bulk: Receive 400 pre-cut, 5 x 11 inch hair foil sheets, designed with a stunning dragon print, ensuring you're stocked up for countless sessions.
  • Convenient Pop-Up Dispenser Box: Each box is a creative station, ready to dispense foils with ease, optimizing your workflow and efficiency.
  • Optimal Coverage: The thickness and texture of Colortrak foils are meticulously crafted for advanced foliage and balayage techniques, ensuring perfect color saturation and lightening.
  • Salon Essential: A must-have for every colorist, this hair foil dispensing solution empowers stylists with the freedom to be more creative and efficient.
  • Safe and Stylish: The printed foil’s color remains on the foil, not on the hair or skin, ensuring a professional and clean application every time.

Features That Empower Your Creativity

The Luck of the Dragon Pop-Up Foil isn’t just visually stunning; it’s built to empower your creativity. With an embossed grip for a non-slip surface and an improved texture, these foils ensure precision in every application. Whether it’s an intricate balayage or a bold full-head color, these foils will keep up with your imagination.

Why Choose Luck of the Dragon?

This foil doesn’t just blend into your toolkit&mdesh;it stands out. It’s a reflection of your commitment to quality, innovation, and the art of hair coloring. In a year that celebrates the strength, fortune, and dynamism of the dragon, let your salon embody these qualities with every color transformation.