Rusk Developer - 10 Volume / 33.8 oz.

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Rusk Developer - 10 Volume / 33.8 oz: A Versatile Choice for Stunning Color. Unlock the full potential of every color treatment with Rusk Developer - 10 Volume. It's the secret behind the lustrous, multi-dimensional hues that make heads turn. Designed to work seamlessly with every Rusk color line, this product transforms the coloring experience, making it a must-have for professionals in the beauty industry.

Enhancing the depth, tone, and durability of color is only the beginning. Read on to discover how Rusk Developer can elevate your craft.

The Magic Behind Shine, Tone, And Depth

Universal in its application and splendid in its effect, Rusk Developer doesnt just color it revives, nurtures, and enriches. The meticulously crafted formula ensures that the pH level is just right, allowing for optimal and predictable color results and superior gray coverage. The result? A mesmerizing blend of tone, depth, and durability that respects the integrity of the hair fiber.

Intensive Conditioning For Healthy Hair

While many developers compromise hair health, Rusk's shine-enhancing cream developers focus on preserving and enhancing the natural integrity of hair. The active conditioning agents within the formula work tirelessly to ensure that the hair doesn't just look radiant, but feels soft, healthy, and vibrant as well. Transform your client's hair into a work of art that both looks and feels luxurious.

Compatibility With Your Favorite Rusk Products

With Rusk Developer - 10 Volume, the possibilities are endless. This universal developer is crafted to be compatible with Deepshine Gloss, Deepshine Xpress Gloss, Deepshine Permanent Color, Rusk in 10 Permanent Cream Color, and Rusk lighteners. It's not just a product; it's an essential tool that integrates smoothly with various Rusk products, allowing you to create stunning, tailor-made beauty solutions for every client.

A Commitment To Professional Excellence

Rusk doesn't merely create products; it pioneers solutions for beauty professionals. From coloring to hair hydration, styling products to beauty tools, Rusk's commitment to reliability and excellence is evident in every drop of this developer. Elevate your professional toolkit with Rusk Developer - 10 Volume, and transform ordinary into extraordinary.