Rusk Zero Lift Developer / 33.8 oz.

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Unlocking Optimal Hair Beauty with Rusk Zero Lift Developer / 33.8 oz. As a salon or spa professional, your clients trust you to give them brilliant and lasting hair color results without compromising the health and integrity of their hair. That's where Rusk Zero Lift Developer shines. Let's delve into the unmatched benefits that make this product an essential addition to your beauty arsenal.

Perfect Harmony With Rusk Hair Color Products

Designed specifically for integration with all Rusk hair color and lightening products, this developer ensures seamless and optimal color results. Its unique formulation produces the ideal pH balance that maximizes tone, depth, and color durability. From vibrant reds to rich browns, your clients will enjoy their desired color, exactly as envisioned.

Maintaining Hair Integrity

The health of your client's hair is paramount. Rusk Zero Lift Developer is crafted with the integrity of the hair fiber in mind. It doesn't just color; it cares. Active conditioning agents leave the hair feeling soft, shiny, and incredibly healthy. Your clients will not only see the difference but feel it too.

Easy And Predictable Results

The mixing process can often be a complex task, but with Rusk Zero Lift Developer, it's simplified. A standard color formulation requires just a 1:1.5 ratio of color to developer. This precision ensures predictability in every application, giving you confidence in the results and delighting your clients every time.

Your Partner In Excellence

From coloring to hydration, from styling products to beauty tools, Rusk's commitment to professional, reliable products for beauty professionals is embodied in the Zero Lift Developer. Join the community of experts who trust Rusk for the ultimate in hair beauty, and let this product elevate your services to the next level.