CND Shellac Gleam & Glow Collection Ig-Night-Ed #471 / 0.25 fl. oz. - 7.3 mL.

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Amplify Your Artistry with CND Shellac Ig-Night-Ed. Set the night ablaze with CND Shellac Gleam & Glow Collection's Ig-Night-Ed #471, a sheer red-orange polish that embodies both the warmth of a sunset and the intensity of a flame. Designed for the discerning beauty professional, this polish merges aesthetic allure with technical prowess, ensuring that every application is a declaration of quality.

When your clients demand excellence and flair, present them with a manicure that will last as long as their memories of it. Let them carry the torch of your artistry well beyond the salon chair.

Introducing Gleam & Glow.

This collection draws inspiration from the heartwarming traditions across Eastern cultures, where nights filled with lights and color symbolize a wish for fortune, happiness, and love. Available in both CND™ SHELLAC™ Gel Polish and CND™ VINYLUX™ Long Wear Polish, Gleam & Glow is a trend-forward twist on the classics, introducing subtle visual elements like playful iridescence, radiant glitter, and sheer jelly colors.

Revolutionary Wear and Endurance

With CND's advanced adhesion technology, this polish promises up to 14 days of vibrant wear. Clients can immerse themselves in their daily lives assured their manicure will continue to shine, embodying resilience and beauty in every stroke.

A New Standard in Nail Health

By choosing Ig-Night-Ed #471, you're not just offering color; you're advocating for nail health. Celebrate the beauty of commitment with a formula that's "3-free" - devoid of formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP, ensuring a vegan-friendly experience that aligns with your clients' values.

Effortless Application, Seamless Removal

The premium formulation allows for a smooth application that professionals can trust for its consistency and excellence. Removal is just as seamless, respecting the natural nail's integrity and ensuring that your clients' next visit is one of anticipation, not apprehension.

True Color, True Quality

While we strive to present the most accurate representation of Ig-Night-Ed #471, we acknowledge that monitor settings may vary. Be assured, however, that what you see is a reflection of CND's commitment to quality, and what your clients will receive is the pinnacle of color precision.

Designed for the Professional, Desired by the Client

This polish is not merely a product; it's a tool for professionals to expand their services. It's equally an item of retail desire, for those clients who seek to maintain the standard of excellence at home that they've come to expect in your salon.

Product Highlights:

  • Brilliant sheer red-orange shade that commands attention
  • 14 days of high-performance wear without losing its luster
  • Advanced adhesion technology for long-lasting results
  • Formulation free of formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP
  • Vegan-friendly, embracing ethics alongside aesthetics
  • Seamless application and removal for a sublime experience