CND Vinylux Gleam & Glow Collection Ig-Night-Ed #471 / 0.5 fl. oz. - 15 mL.

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Light Up Your Look with Ig-Night-Ed #471. Ignite a passion for color with the CND Vinylux Gleam & Glow Collection's Ig-Night-Ed #471. A sheer red orange that mirrors the fiery hues of a setting sun, this polish is for those who dare to stand out. Merging the vibrancy of a rich color spectrum with a glossy finish, the collection is an ode to the professionals who demand excellence in every bottle.

Revel in the luxury of a professional-grade manicure that promises up to seven days of enduring luster and intense color fidelity, thanks to the built-in weekly topcoat unique to the CND Vinylux lineup.

Introducing Gleam & Glow.

This collection draws inspiration from the heartwarming traditions across Eastern cultures, where nights filled with lights and color symbolize a wish for fortune, happiness, and love. Available in both CND™ SHELLAC™ Gel Polish and CND™ VINYLUX™ Long Wear Polish, Gleam & Glow is a trend-forward twist on the classics, introducing subtle visual elements like playful iridescence, radiant glitter, and sheer jelly colors.

Vivid Colors That Last

The CND Vinylux Gleam & Glow Collection is not just about color, but about color that stays. The collection's built-in topcoat leverages CND's innovative technology, delivering a week-long wear that resists chips and maintains its shine, so your clients' nails remain as dynamic as their lives.

The Professional's Choice for Durability

This polish is a tribute to durability and style, crafted for the beauty professional who values time-efficient beauty solutions without compromising on quality. With the convenience of a two-step application, CND Vinylux transforms the manicure experience.

Color True to Your Vision

We recognize the importance of accurate color portrayal and strive for the closest representation of our polishes online. While monitor settings may differ, each shade you select is a reflection of our commitment to delivering true-to-life color.

Radiant Shine, Revolutionary Formula

The Ig-Night-Ed #471 polish brings more than color to nails—it brings a radiant glow. Experience the revolution of CND's formula, which ensures that every stroke delivers both a protective armor and a mirror-like shine.

Expand Your Salon's Palette

Enhance your salon’s nail collection with the warmth of Ig-Night-Ed #471. This color doesn’t just paint nails, it provides a canvas for expression and a medium for artistry. Offer your clients the glow of this sheer red orange and watch as they become ambassadors of your work.