Deo Professional Chocolate Pellet Wax Beads - Hard Stripless Wax / 1 Case = (4) 2.2 lbs. - 1 kg. Bags = 8.8 Lbs. - 4 Kg.

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Deo Professional Chocolate Pellet Wax Beads: Indulgence Meets Precision. Deo Professional Chocolate Pellet Wax Beads - Hard Stripless Wax / 1 Case = (4) 2.2 lbs. - 1 kg. Bags = 8.8 Lbs. - 4 Kg.

For estheticians who seek the perfect blend of efficiency, comfort, and luxury, the Deo Chocolate Pellet Wax Beads stands out as the epitome of waxing excellence. This premium hot wax formulation not only promises impeccable results but also elevates the waxing experience to a sensory delight.

Decadent Waxing With Pellet Innovation

Deo's chocolate Pellet Wax Beads is a testament to the fusion of luxury and technology. When applied, its thin layer showcases flexibility, ensuring a seamless removal process. Whether targeting intricate, sensitive zones or broader areas, its versatility makes it an indispensable asset for every waxing professional.

Delight For Every Skin Type

Understanding the nuances of delicate skin, the Deo Chocolate Pellet Wax Beads boasts unmatched adhesion properties. Its cooler application temperature ensures a soothing experience, making it the ideal choice for all skin types, especially the more sensitive ones.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Swift Setting: Optimizes the efficiency of waxing sessions by minimizing wait times.
  • Eliminates the need for strips, ensuring a more refined and efficient waxing process.
  • Operates at a soothingly low temperature, reducing potential skin discomfort.
  • Peelable nature guarantees effortless removal, leading to pristine, silky-smooth results.
  • Adaptable for both expansive and detailed areas, ensuring comprehensive waxing solutions.
  • Proudly crafted in Great Britain, guaranteeing unparalleled quality and reliability.
  • Vegan-friendly and Colophony-free, emphasizing a commitment to ethical and skin-friendly formulations.
  • Universally suitable for all skin types, ensuring every client enjoys the best waxing experience.