Flawless Body Waxing DVD

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Flawless Body Waxing DVD. This DVD features three experts - Eva Mileski, Ofra Gaito, and Nicole Resposeur - who demonstrate various waxing techniques on the legs, bikini area, feet, arms, hands and underarms. It shows effective methods using hard wax, soft strip wax, and roll-on wax. It includes speed-waxing techniques. The video teaches skin preparation, wax temperature, client positioning, and methods for reducing client discomfort. The video covers the following techniques: (1) How to use hard wax, soft strip wax, and roll-on wax (2) How to wax arms, legs, feet, hands, bikini, and underarms (3) Client preparation (4) Skincare before and after waxing (5) Speed waxing techniques. Time Duration: 103 minutes.