12 Piece Fractured Polish Display - Shatter Polish! by Color Club

Color Club
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The 12 Piece Fractured Polish Display - Shatter Polish!. Transform your client's nails into stunning works of art with our 12 Piece Fractured Polish Display! This collection of shatter polishes is perfect for creating an edgy, "cracked" or "shattered" effect that will set your clients' nails apart.

Our display includes 2 of each of the 6 shades, including the luxurious Tattered in Gold, the bold and beautiful Broken Tokens, the daring Smash Hit, the crisp and clean Clean Break, the playful Crush on You, and the party-ready Have a Bash. With this set, you can offer your clients a variety of looks and styles that will suit any occasion.

These shatter polishes are easy to use simply brush them over your client's base color before applying a top coat for a striking effect. Plus, because they're from a reputable manufacturer, you can trust that they're effective and reliable.

Upgrade your salon's nail art game with our 12 Piece Fractured Polish Display today. Your clients will love the unique and edgy looks you can create for them with these high-quality polishes.


  • 05AFX01 Tattered in Gold
  • 05AFX02 Broken Tokens
  • 05AFX03 Smash Hit
  • 05AFX04 Clean Break
  • 05AFX05 Crush on You
  • 05AFX06 Have a Bash