Beginning Myofascial Release DVD By Sean Riehl

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Beginning Myofascial Release DVD By Sean Riehl. Beginning Myofascial Release DVD

Explore the magic of Myofascial Release in this beautiful 75-minute video. Myofascial Release is an excellent tool to help free restrictions, increase range of motion and balance structural distortions. It is a great adjunct to Deep Tissue massage, gets great results, and is easily integrated into your current treatment protocol.

    Specific Content:
  • Basic anatomy & physiology of fascia
  • How to perform Myofascial Release
  • Experiencing fascia in your own body
  • Releasing the superficial fascia
  • Skin rolling and evaluation
  • Scar release techniques
  • Kinesthetic joint evaluation
  • Leg and arm pulls
  • The anterior, posterior & lateral fascial lines
  • Cross handed stretches
  • Transverse diaphragm releases