GIBS El Rey Styling Jam Sample / 0.17 oz.

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GIBS El Rey Styling Jam Sample / 0.17 oz. El Rey Styling Jam is a versatile mid-hold styling gel for tight and traditional styles with a breakable cast for every look; from classic and clean to unkempt and textured. Enriched with juniper, burdock root and lime extracts for healthy hair growth, oil balancing, antibacterial and nourishing benefits, El Rey boasts royally adventurous hints of leather, nutmeg and musk. It is a product, and a fragrance, fit for a king.


  • Apply small amount between hands and work evenly through dry or damp hair.
  • Add more as needed and style as desired.
  • For higher hold and best results, finish with a blow dryer. Keep it crisp like a traditional gel, or for a more natural look, let it dry, then run throughit with a comb or fingers to break down the 'crunch' while keeping style and hold.


Juniper Extract Natural cleanser that helps promote healthy hair growth Helps balance oil levels on scalp Burdock Root Extract Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties Helps to nourish and soothe dry, damaged hair and skin Lime Extract Natural cleansing agent that helps to close pores and reduce excess oils on the skin Rich in Vitamin C Adds natural bounce to hair