GIBS Handsum Man Salve / 6 Piece Display - 1.8 oz. Each

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GIBS Handsum Man Salve / 6 Piece Display - 1.8 oz. Each. Man Salve - for hands and any dry areas. A Gibs guy reaches for a salve that works as hard as he does. Handsum Man Salve erects a barrier of protection and moisture, repaving and repairing dry, cracked skin with a blend of hemp, safflower, sapote and karanja oils. Coconut oil and beeswax help to protect against the elements. Get a grip on cracked, callused skin! Handsum Man Salve not only provides moisture and conditioning for your skin but protects it too!

With natural ingredients such as Hemp, Coconut, Safflower, Copaiba Balsam, Sapote & Karanja oils to moisturize, your skin will be at its best with a touch of Beeswax as a natural barrier to seal it all in! Sweet and smooth with fragrant hints of Ginger, Musk & Amber. A little goes a long way with GIBS Handsum, using small amounts as needed will immediately start to repair and heal dry cracked skin!

Light scent of Ginger, Musk and Amber

Handsum Tips:
Use just a bit each day on known dry-problem areas to prevent dryness or further damage. Finally a hand salve that works as hard as you do! Add a dap with your daily moisturizer for extra hydration and protection

Purchase (6) Man Salves, Get (1) Display & (1) Tester Free.