GIBS ManScaper Beard Oil Sample / 0.03 oz. - 0.85 grams

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GIBS ManScaper Beard Oil Sample / 0.03 oz. - 0.85 grams. Need that Man Card back? Talk to the ManScaper. Groomed and pruned may not beyour style, but every He Man worth his weight in whiskers knows style is substance. And a beard is one hot commodity. Protect your top-dollar dander (andthat baby face below) with our signature super-smoothing, super-hero blend of five oils to soften, slick and manage your man mane. Bulk your hulk with traces of musk, nutmeg, leather and vanilla, creating an intoxicating, magnetic force field of a face forest that damsels in distress only dream of getting lostin.


Olive Oil Improves moisture, shine and softness of hair and skin Argon Oil Promotes strength and manageability of hair Replenishes dry skin Sunflower Seed Oil Natural UV Protectant Helps prevent damaged, unruly hair and beards Passion Fruit Oil High in Vitamin C and Calcium Nourishes the skin and hair