Lotus Touch Single Note Essential Oil Trial Kit

Lotus Touch
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Lotus Touch Single-Note Essential Oil Trial Package The Single-Note Trial Kit is an ideal way to sample the most popular, therapeutic grade Lotus Touch essential oils. Contains (5) 2 ml samples of our favorite single note essential oils. Oils are packaged in 5ml bottles. Kit Includes: Lavender - Highly recognizable oil and the best quality available. Eucalyptus - Commonly used for steam services. Contains 80-85% eucalyptol oil. Peppermint - Minty and fresh aroma. Useful for pedicure services Ylang Ylang - Sweet, exotic floral aroma. Sensual and uplifting Tea Tree - Ideal for first aid. Antiviral and antifungal Each essential oil is sourced from established producers in the best country of origin for that particular oil. Every batch is subjected to rigorous testing by an experienced and qualified essential oils chemist, using methods that include gas chromatography.