Pure Light Luxury Candle - Inspire / 7.5 oz.

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Pure Light Luxury Candle - Inspire / 7.5 oz. Truly 100% natural aromatherapy candles, Pure Light candles are made with an exclusive blend of certified organic coconut wax, pure essential oils, and a textile grade cotton wick. They're biodegradable, soot-free, clean burning, and hand poured in the USA. Of the highest quality, they burn 40-50% longer than traditional candles and evenly across the top and all the way down, leaving behind less waste. Approximate burn time: 50-60 hours. No petroleum products. No synthetic fragrances. No chemical dyes. No carcinogens!

Inspire is a beautiful, affectionate aroma inspired by the Orient. Infused with the depth of amber, the warmth of cinnamon and ginger, and enlightenment of gardenia and bergamot, this truly inspiring aroma evokes feelings of warmth and happiness.


  • Textile grade, lead-free wick.
  • Hand poured in the USA.
  • Clean burning. No chemicals.

Available In 11 Scents::

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Exclusive certified organic coconut wax blend infused with essential oils.