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Clients Want Clean Beauty - Pure Spa Can Help!

Clients Want Clean Beauty - Pure Spa Can Help!

One of the latest trends in the beauty industry is clean beauty. But what is it exactly? If clients are requesting "clean" products, they may be referring to a myriad of things: maybe they want vegan products, or maybe they want plant-based products or fragrance-free...

In any case, clients have varied interpretations of the clean beauty trend. There is no one definition that must be used. You must be able to wade through all of your clients' clean beauty requests in order to provide for them as a beauty expert.

For instance, they might be searching for sulfate-, paraben-, and phthalate-free clean hair products. Some people choose pure skincare with vegan or organic components. How is sustainable, cruelty-free, and non-toxic clean beauty nail polish made? Check! Additionally, some customers might even be more likely to purchase goods with packaging that is environmentally friendly.

Some of the most popular "Clean Beauty" requests we run into:

Vegan Products
Vegan products are products made with no animal-based or animal-derived ingredients. Beeswax is not considered vegan. Glycerin is another common ingredient that would not be considered vegan. Biotin, gelatin, keratin, and silk powder are all vegan-friendly ingredients that are not derived from animals. Squalene and vitamin A from animal sources are not found in vegan hair colors. Guanine, carmine, and oleic acid cannot be sourced from animals in vegan nail polishes. If clients are looking for vegan or vegan-friendly products, these are just some of the many ingredients to avoid!

Plant-Based Products
Since both are made mostly of organic substances derived from plants, plant-based and vegan products are comparable. But these products place a different emphasis. Customers looking for plant-based cosmetics are frequently worried about the use of synthetic chemicals and will occasionally accept trace amounts of substances derived from animals. Shampoos, conditioners, and hair colors made from plants have become increasingly easier to find. These products usually have natural and essential oils, organic teas, vitamin E, fruit extracts, and aloe vera among their ingredients.

Cruelty-Free Products
Products that are cruelty-free do not entail animal testing. The phrase is increasingly being used to refer to a company's business practices, particularly with regard to how it handles its partners, employees, and workers. The term "fair trade" is sometimes used to characterize this idea. Recycled packaging and other environmental advantages may also be advertised by clean skincare companies, clean nail polish manufacturers, and clean ingredient shampoos. Shampoos, conditioners, nail paint, hair dye, and other beauty items that are accurately branded as "cruelty-free" are not manufactured using any animal testing. Customers seeking vegan formulations with no ingredients derived from animals are frequently also seeking cruelty-free hair products, nail paints, and skin care items.

The shared belief that goods and businesses shouldn't harm the environment, animals, or people is what unites all these labels.

So.....What can you offer clients requesting "Clean Beauty" Products?

Manufacturers are aware of this trend, and many of our favorite brands and products already fall into some of these categories! Check out some of the most popular below:






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