Noel Asmar Pedicure Bowls: Redefining Spa Luxury

Welcome to the exquisite world of Noel Asmar Pedicure Bowls, where luxury and practicality meet. Established in 2008, these bowls are designed to transform spa experiences and spaces. Known for their ergonomic design, the bowls are made to be mobile, perfect for versatile spa settings including poolside services or exclusive spa parties. Available in various materials like resin, copper, and stainless steel, each bowl is a piece of art, designed in Vancouver and handcrafted in India. Noel Asmar's commitment to quality and unique design has made these bowls a favorite among high-end spas and wellness centers globally.

Pedicure Bowls by Noel Asmar: Redefining Spa Luxury

Noel Asmar Pedicure Bowls are more than just bowls; they are a symbol of luxury, artfulness, and ergonomic design. Established in 2008, the brand has been transforming spaces and experiences in spas, nail bars, and wellness centers with its portable, lightweight collections. These bowls offer an alternative to traditional pedicure thrones, allowing for versatile spa setups anywhere - be it poolside, in a lobby, or at celebrity spa parties.

Each bowl, whether it’s made of artful colored resin or hand-hammered in earthy copper, stainless steel, and brass, is a masterpiece designed and made in Vancouver. The collection ranges from the Frost, Onyx, Espresso, and Luna to the stunning Copper and Stainless Steel variants, providing a unique aesthetic for every setting. The bowls are not just beautiful but also practical, designed to be mobile and easily plumbed for fixed pedicure stations.

Noel Asmar’s commitment to quality and innovation extends beyond pedicure bowls. The brand also offers a range of manicure and treatment dishes, footrests, carts, risers, and carry cases. Their stylish uniforms, protective wear, and mobile service essentials complement the premium spa experience.

These pedicure bowls are an ideal option for architects and interior designers, allowing them to create unique pedicure environments tailored to specific client needs. Their ergonomic design and ‘made to be mobile’ feature open up a world of possibilities for personalizing at-home spa services and catering to the quickly growing nail bar industry.

In essence, Pedicure Bowls by Noel Asmar represent a fusion of beauty, functionality, and portability, making them a must-have for any spa, wellness center, or salon looking to elevate their service offerings and ambiance.