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April 23, 2024
Keep it Classy!

As in - Classic Wax Jar / 32 oz. by Amber Products. Crazy popular last week! The girls tell me that this "all-purpose" wax is very economical and is excellent...

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Hair Beware!

Most popular wax of the week goes to: Austrian Green Wax / 2 Lb. Block by Amber Products! It reminds me of those old school cakes that used to come...

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Body Serum by Amber Products

Elevate your skin and body treatments with advanced Amber Serum•ology! Target specific skin ailments during any body treatment or massage! Amber Body Serum's unique formulations are designed to treat body...

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The BEST Pedicure Scrubs

Lately, I've had a lot of inquiries for new pedicure scrubs. Either the brand they used previously is no longer being made, or they're just in the market for something...

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Amber Dusting Powder

May I present the hot item from last week - Amber Dusting Powder! Like I told you readers last week, sometimes particular items just sell like crazy! It kind of...

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Soooooooo Many Depilatory Wax Brands!

Did you know that Pure Spa Direct offers the most complete selection of the best depilatory wax brandsanywhere. Sourced from all over the globe, we offer the best in hard...

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Soft Flex Wax

ItalWax's Soft Flex Wax is created for hair removal on larger areas, like the arms, legs, and back.Soft Flex Wax has a high plasticity and is applied in a super...

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Warming Up for Fall

With the end of the summer and fall fast approaching, how are you gearing up for the change of seasons?Fall makes me think of being warm and cozy, and I...

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Empty Tins - Get 'em!

With waxing season in full effect comes the need for waxing products. Empty tins were a hot item last week. Sounds boring right, but how else are you gonna heat...

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