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July 13, 2024
Berodin Wax - The latest and greatest technology

Ever wished for a waxing experience that's more gentle, effective, and less sticky? Say hello to Berodin Wax, the ultimate game-changer in the waxing world! Berodin Wax, crafted with the...

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Smoothing the Way to Savings: 10% Off All Berodin Wax Products Until May 29th!

Berodin Wax presents a remarkable waxing journey, creating a paradigm shift in the waxing experience. This professional waxing product, available in a wide range of types to suit different needs...

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Waxing Retail by Berodin

Berodin - the best of the best. Berodin Waxes are gentle, effective, and designed for ease and speed waxing. Formulated to be heated and applied at low temperatures, the Berodin...

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Berodin Aquamarine Wax is Heating Up!

Its summer, and so everyone seems to be waxing up a storm. When was the last time you tried a new wax? What about a new wax for your sensitive...

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Why Berodin's New Wax Kits are the New Black - Berodin Black, That Is!

Waxing studios are popping up everywhere, and Pure Spa Direct has everything you need to get started on your business! From beds and trolleys to wax and sticks - we...

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Charcoal Detox Wax: Waxing Meets Skincare

Charcoal Detox Stripless Hard Wax By Gigi / 13 oz. by GigiIntroducing GiGi's NEW Charcoal DETOX Hard Wax. Enriched with detoxifying ingredients that treat and protect the skin. Developed primarily...

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Berodin Black, Super Speed, Super Wax!

Waxing season is upon us. With an uprising in waxing services now is a great time to try out different waxes to perfect your services.Introducing an ideal speed wax allowing...

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Did Someone Say Chocolate.....Wax??

The new Starpil Chocolate Roll-On wax is amazing! Suitable for all skin types, this wax is enriched with cocoa, along with an exceptional combination of pine resins, to ensure effective...

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Silky Smooth with Silk Hard Wax by Amber Products

Looking for an excellent sensitive skin wax that will leave your clients soft and silky smooth? Look Silk Hard Wax Beads by Amber Products!no further than theSilky soft with advanced...

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