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Keep Lips Moist and Kissable with Bay Soleil Coral Bay Juicy Lip Fix!

Ever have your clients come back from the beach with their lips burnt from the sun? If you're interested in protecting their precious lips from burning while still maintaining a...

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Black Friday Deals are Here at Pure Spa Direct!

Traditionally, this is a weekend spent getting ready for the holidays - your business needs to be prepared as well! Pure Spa Direct offers a huge selection of holiday retail...

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How Men's Grooming Products Could Help You Win the Game of Thrones

No, not really - but they could set you apart from your competition!With the rising numbers of male clients, we are seeing a rise in requests for male product lines....

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Spring Makeup Trend: Estheticians and Makeup Artists Alike - Take Note

Every couple of seasons, the makeup trends cycle back to the Nude and Natural look. For Spring 2013, the nude look is back, however, the goal is not faking nude,...

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Facial Client Retail: Dermalogica & June Jacobs Powder Exfoliant Reviews

Estheticians often tell me that if they had to send their clients home with only ONE retail product to maintain beautiful, glowing skin, it would be an exfoliator. Something gentle,...

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