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July 15, 2024
Brushing in Style!

Last week witnessed a hair revolution as the Framar Strawberry Shortcake Triple Threat Brush Set took the beauty world by storm. Forget about brushes merely detangling hair – these brushes...

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Back in Stock! And Ready to Ship!

Yes - that is correct!! The Deluxe Face And Body Brush Set / 8 Brushes by FANTASEA is back folks! I can see why these are so popular as it...

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It's All Good!

This product takes the cake for best name ever! Cricket Static Free Fast Flo Vent Brush - It's All Good Collection - Dr. Everything Will Be Alright. We sell a...

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Dirty Nails - No More!

Professional Manicure Brush was a HUGE seller last week! After a long day of gardening & lawn care, this brush is perfect for getting all that dirt out of your...

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Save Space, Increase Services and Sales!

As the saying goes, work smarter, not harder. Whether you're short on space, trying to leave a smaller footprint, or just like to be as efficient as possible, you want...

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Super Hot Item Alert!

I have blogged about these brushes before, but I need to let my readers know that these Natural Bristle Body Brushes were on fire last week! The amount of cases...

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Looking For A Great Body Brush?

Well look no more! The Natural Bristle Body Brush was a big hit last week! These brushes got more hits than the Yankees have in 5 games! What makes these...

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Electric Dreams...

We sell wet brushes EVERY day! Even the girls in the office buy wet brushes when their old one breaks! However, this week we sold a lot of the Wet...

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Mini Brushes!

Mini Fan Mask Brushes - hot hot hot this week! Everyone loves mini chihuahuas, mini pigs, mini horses, etc. so why not love mini brushes? The customer service girls think...

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