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April 18, 2024
Smooth Operator: Prosana Gommage Peel Dominates the Skincare Scene!

In a surprising turn of events, last week saw the Prosana Gommage Peel 16 oz take the beauty world by storm, proving that exfoliation is the new black. It became...

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Upgrade Your Regular Massages With Vitamin Therapy!

An incredibly easy way to offer additional benefits to your clients while increasing your massage service profit, is by offering a simple 'upgrade' to the oil, lotion, cream or gel...

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Relax & Wax!

With the summer season comes waxing season! We got all your waxing needs here at Pure Spa Direct. Last week we sold a ton of Relax & Wax No Scream...

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Customize Services With Ease!

Customize your services with ease by simply bringing the BIOTONE® SPA Customizing Complex Pure Essential Oils & Extracts!You can create a personalized experience for your clients by simply adding a...

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No Scream Cream is Back in Stock!

You heard me correctly - RELAX & WAX No Scream Cream / 1 oz. is back in stock and was shipping like crazy last week! You can finally wax pain...

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Goodbye Summer.... Hello Fall!

That's right folks - it's pumpkin season! Pure Spa Direct is ready with all your Fall and pumpkin needs. Already we have sold tons of the Keyano Pumpkin Products. We...

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Dye Defender!

I love it when you guys buy Framar Products. They have the coolest logo by far! In particular, the Framar Dye Defender Barrier Cream was a huge hit last week!...

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What the Heck is Brow Lamination?

Sometimes we ship products that just make me scratch my head. At first the Intensive Brow Lamination Kit was one of those products. We sold so many last week that...

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Who Doesn't Love Cucumbers!

Cucumbers are so versatile. Great in salads, amazing in Tzatziki sauce, and good just on their own. Our clients loved the Queen Helene Cucumber Massage Cream / 15 oz. Jar...

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