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April 12, 2024
The Essentials for Perfect Manicure & Pedicure - Premium Professional Cuticle Pusher Set!

The Premium Professional Cuticle Pusher Set comes with the essential tools needed for a busy nail technician or student! This 4 piece set of double-ended cuticle tools is made from...

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Professional Ingrown Toe Nail Cleaner + Pusher - Trimming & Pushing Cuticle in One

Check out this cool tool! Precise Handcrafted Cuticle Pusher: Thoroughly cleans underneath the toenail and skinDetails: Strong Durability & Easy Sterilization: Made with premium stainless steel for extra-strong durability and...

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Revitalize Dry and Cracked Cuticles with Cuccio

The cooler weather is upon much of the country, and what does that mean? Dry hands, cuticles, and nails!Cuccio comes to the rescue with their incredible Milk & HoneyPomegranate &...

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Adios Cuticles!

Nobody likes cuticles. Except maybe you nail biters out there! Our clients have gotten rid of those stubborn cuticles using the DL PRO Plastic Cuticle Trimmer & Pusher. We sold...

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Take A Hike Cuticles!

Sloppy nails with excess cuticles? Not any more, with CND Service Essentials - CuticleAway / 6 oz.! We sold these by the dozens last week. As a male I definitely...

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Very Affordable Cuticle Remover

Clean up those cuticles with Blue Cross Cuticle Remover! We sold a bunch last week in all three sizes. Glad to see everyone is keeping their fingers and toes nice...

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Add Some Flair To Your Hair (And Nails!)

Your treatments don't have to be bland! Be bold with these funky nail implements and hair tools your clients are sure to love!Ninja Swordsman Titanium Multi Color 6 1/4" Duo...

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Solar Oil - is HOT!

Solar Oil was a big hit this week. I'd have to guess that the nice weather subconsciously makes you order solar oil. Who knows? I asked our customer service team...

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