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April 17, 2024
Swipe to Condition with Seche Condition Keratin-Infused Cuticle Oil

I don't know about you and your clients, but this year has been particularly hard on my nails and cuticles. With all the hand-washing, hand-sanitizing, and glove-wearing, they are a...

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Tropical Pineapple Pedicures!

Does your spa have a signature service for summer? If you're looking for new ideas to try, how about incorporating a Tropical Pineapple Pedicure into your menu? It's refreshing, seasonal,...

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Hot Nail Treatment in 5 Delicious Scents!

Nail salons are filled with so many scents - not all of them pleasant. Some of our favorites, though, are the deliciously-scented cuticle oils from StarNail! Available in 5 amazing...

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Seasonal Pedicure: Tropical Mango!

With summer being official, it's time to reconsider your spa services! What better way to do so than offer a seasonal pedicure? I'm not sure about you, but nothing screams...

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Lots of Broken Nails? Educate Your Clients on Nail Care

Do your regular clients come in for their manicures complaining of their nails breaking in between services? (I am definitely guilty of this!) Well, nail care goes way beyond the...

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Simple Addition for a Personalized, Seasonal Manicure Experience!

There are so many ways to add little seasonal touches to your spa without feeling like you are overdoing it. You can do this by simply changing the scents of...

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Exciting Cuticle Oils? YES! Cuccio Delivers!

Manicure Cuticle Conditioning Oils can be boring... but Cuccio has made them exciting! The new products feature a scented blend of oils and vitamins to nourish and protect cuticles.Three enticing...

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Say Hello To Your New Best Friend- Sweet Almond Oil

Rich in Vitamins A, B & E, as well as many essential fatty acids, it works wonders foryour skin, hair, and nails! It's gentle and nourishing and tends to work...

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