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July 16, 2024
Simplify and Beautify: The Clodagh Trolley for Spa Pros

For professionals in the spa, massage, and wellness industries, creating a serene and functional treatment room is paramount. That's where the Clodagh Trolley comes into play, merging clean lines with...

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Dingy Washcloths Be Gone! Sposh Luxury Terry Wash Cloths To The Rescue!

As the year comes to a close, are your washroom linens are the Designed for Commercial LaunderingPlush & Absorbent

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Space, Money & Time Saver - Encore Wall-Mount Nail Polish Displays

Looking to free up space in your nail area or clean up your Encore Wall-Mount Nail Polish Displays are available in 3 different sizes to fit your design needs! These...

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Meet Your New Favorite Backwash - DIR Yume Dreaming

The DIR Shampoo Backwash Unit Yume Dreaming combines quality performance with sheer comfort and luxury in mind, at a price point businesses love!The Shampoo Backwash Unit Yume Dreaming with its...

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Make Your Day Zen with the Comfortable Zen Stool!

The new stool has 6 wheels across a wide base for maximum stability. The Zen rolling stool has a large height adjustment range for a variety of applications in the...

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Functionality Never Looked So Good!

If you value quality craftsmanship, sophistication and effectively utilizing space... meet your new favorite, the Parker™ Spa Trolley by Living Earth Crafts.This is no mere Silhouet-Tone® steamer and a versatile...

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First Impressions- Make it Modern!

Are you wanting to update your space, but unable to purchase all new furniture and equipment? A great way to update your space is by updating the waiting area! First...

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Trolley Good Storage!

Need to maximize storage space? Take a look at the DIR Cubex Trolley Cart!Fitting all your tools and necessities couldn't be any easier with Dir's latest roller Trolley Cart Cubex,...

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What Are Your Towels Saying About Your Business?

There is one product that nearly every type of business in this industry all use, towels. Towels of all sizes, colors and feel. You may not think of it often,...

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