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July 13, 2024
Wax Spotlight: Coconut Hard Wax by Dermwax

Dermwax Coconut Hard Wax is available in a 60-pound bulk bag! If you are looking for an affordable, bulk hard wax, that is effective on medium and coarse hair, check...

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New Wax Alert! Dermwax Pearl Creamy White Metallic Titanium Soft Wax

If you are doing male waxing, speed waxing, or waxing large areas, soft wax is much more affordable, and this new DermwaxWhite Nacre Creamy Wax is fantastic for almost any...

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Calling All Waxers! New AMAZING Waxing Warmers Available

Pink not your style? Stainless steel too clinical? Plastic too cheap looking?If you think wax warmers are boring, clinical, cheap, or "just another piece of equipment,".... THINK AGAIN!Miss Cire's most...

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Buying in Bulk- More Wax, Less Stress!

It's no secret we're in the middle of a global shipping crisis. With the holiday season fast approaching, you can definitely assume it will get worse before it gets better....

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Calendula for Sensitive Skin!

Sensitive skin is common among those of all ages, and it’s important to be knowledgeable about your client's skin and the ingredients in the products you're using!Calendula is effective in...

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Dermwax Elite Ingrown Solution Works!

Minimize the appearance and discomfort of ingrown hairs with Dermwax Elite Ingrown Solution. Combining the power of Arnica, Lactic Acid, and Glycolic Acid, Dermwax Elite Ingrown Solution works!Details: Arnica Lactic...

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Waxers! Read This to Simplify Your Life!

Sometimes, it is the little things in life that really make your day. Something as simple as universal remote, motion-activated night lights, or, our personal favorite, a good scoop to...

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Starpil's Got a Wax For That!

No matter the type of skin, hair, or services you are offering, Starpil's line of high-quality wax has the perfect formula for you, your clients, and your business!Pink Film WaxPink...

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Lemon for The Skin

Today's Wax Spotlight: Dermwax Lemon Citron Yellow Soft Wax!Made in Italy, contains a case of 12 14.oz Cans.This beautiful wax is formulated for full-body application and works best for sensitive,...

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