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April 18, 2024
Discover the Magic of Eco-Fin™ - Your Eco-Friendly Paraffin Alternative!

Revolutionize your add on options menu with the Eco-Fin™ Paraffin Alternative Starter Kit - the secret ingredient to elevating your manicures, pedicures, facials, massages and body treatments to a whole...

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Efficiency Meets Elegance: Compressed Facial Sponges for Beauty Pros

In the bustling realm of spa and salon professionals, time is a precious commodity. Success hinges not solely on providing outstanding service, but also on achieving efficiency and maintaining top-notch...

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Clean Queen: Reign Supreme with Ultimate Spa Sanitization!

In the high-paced world of spa and salon services, cleanliness is paramount. But in the hustle and bustle, we all know how time-consuming and tedious it can be to keep...

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Eco-Friendly Retail In Time for Summer: Stream2Sea Suncreens for Face & Body

When looking for retail products to offer your clients, do you look to performance? Value? Social responsibility? Pure Spa Direct has a great retail line that will check all of...

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Something New, With Bamboo

Colortrak is committed to finding ways to reduce our impact on the environment. So they designed the Eco Collection from sustainable resources and recycled materials. Colortrak Eco Collection Bamboo Tint...

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Celebrate Earth Day with Eco-Friendly Supplies!

Are you looking to make your business more eco-friendly? Start with the basics! We have a large selection of sustainable products, to help minimize your footprint. Take a look at...

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Pedicures: What Dreams are Made Of!

Continuum is truly what dreams are made of. They take pride in bringing elegance and excellence into the salon. Each pedicure spa is built, and designed right here in the...

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Eco Friendly Cleaning

Looking for a completely natural cleaning product for your spa? We got you covered with Benefect Natural Disinfectant!Why is it awesome? The first & only Botanical Natural Disinfectant in North...

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Eco-Fin: Breathe - Just In Time For Colder Weather

With the onset of cooler weather brings colds, flu and generally stuffiness. The newest scent from Eco-Fin is just in time to help ease clients suffering!Made with 100% natural plant-based...

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