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April 16, 2024
Sole Revolution: Lemon Lime Callus Remover Takes Feet by Storm!

Last week, the Spa-Redi Callus Remover in Lemon Lime flavor became the unexpected rockstar of foot care. Forget about celebrity gossip; the real buzz was all about smoother soles and...

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Pampering Pandemonium: The BCL Mani-Pedi Packet Craze!

Last week, it seemed like the entire cosmos united in an unexpected yet harmonious symphony of excitement over those BCL Mani-Pedi Single-Use 4-in-1 Packets. These little sachets promised to transform...

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The Toe Separator Takeover of the Week!

Last week, the world experienced a toe-tally unexpected frenzy as the "Pedicure Toe Separators 360 PAIRS Mixed Colors" became the hottest commodity since sliced bread (and we all know how...

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Yeah Baby Yeah!

The famous line from Austin Powers couldn't be more true at the Pure Spa warehouse last week! Unisex Cloud 9 Spa Sandals by Yeah Baby was a huge success last...

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Step Up Your Pedicure Game with the Intrinsics Toe Rope

Move over, tiny brushes and awkward finger-spreading – the Intrinsics Toe Rope is here to save the day (and your pedicure)! This cotton rope with toe separators is like a...

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Someone Got A Makeover!

CND Pro Skincare - Intensive Hydration Treatment for Feet / 54 oz. - that is! A new look for this product and it's taking off! We sold a lot of...

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The Pumpkin Craze

Why does everyone get obsessed with pumpkins during the fall season? Pumpkin beer, pumpkin lattes, pumpkin picking, pumpkin get it! Well Pure Spa Direct has your pumpkin fix -...

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What is a PediSmuter?

Since we sold so many last week I am now an expert on the PediSmuter Professional Electric Callus Remover - 110/240V! These are actually pretty cool. I like how they...

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Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz - Oh, What A Relief It Is....For Your Feet, That Is!

Mint & Eucalyptus Anti-Bacterial Bath Fizz Tablets by Foot Spa pack a powerful punch for you and your clients! Developed to detoxify, soften, and moisturize feet before a pedicure, the...

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