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July 24, 2024
Check Out the Eco-Friendly Paraffin Alternative!

I've got another kit just for you! Eco-Fin™ Paraffin Alternative Starter Kit was a big success last week. I love this kit because the cubes remind me of an ice...

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Happy Holidays 2019

Happy Holidays From Our Family to Yours!Wishing all the best to our clients who have helped support Pure Spa Direct throughout 2019. The holidays are a great time to show...

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The Happy Heater!

Maybe this will help those squeamish wax clients - the wax heater that smiles back! We sold a bunch of these last week that you just can't help but smile...

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Happy Penguins (and even Happier Clients)!

I was super excited to see that our best selling retail brush - the infamous Wet Brush - just got a whole lot cuter! How adorable is the new Happy...

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Happy Feet!!!

Everyone's feet get tired...every day...regardless of who you are or what you do all day (unless of course you're a couch potato and I will post about that another day!)If...

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Celebrate!!!! Keeping Your Clients Happy and Increasing Revenue

Keeping your clients happy is as imperative as offering quality services. Providing quality services is a must as we all know but the thing that sets decent businesses apart from...

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Summer Lovin!!! Great Spa Ideas to Kick-Start Your Business During Summer

The official start of summer is quickly approaching, putting many people in really good moods. When people are in a good mood they tend to spend more money, especially on...

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Keeping Your Client's Cool....During Treatments!

Now that the weather is warming up pretty much everywhere, you want to make sure that your clients stay comfortable during their treatments.Regulating temperature is not an easy thing. Some...

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Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Nothing makes me happier than the Happy Collection of Wet Brushes. Stars, dots, and hearts - everything a guy needs in a good brush! The long wait has ended -...

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