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July 18, 2024
Steady Hands, Flawless Nails: Introducing the Nail Polish Bottle Holder Stand!

Sometimes the simplest things are the coolest things. Introducing the Nail Polish Bottle Holder Stand - very popular last week! No more awkward hand positions or accidental polish disasters. With...

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Appliance Holders

It can be tough keeping track of all of your hand-held tools and equipment! Stay prepared with these convenient accessory holders that will ensure your tools of the trade are...

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Magnetic Convenience

Are you being slowed down by all kinds of clips and styling tools! These handy magnetic accessories are designed to keep you as efficient as possible, with all of your...

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Clutter Intense? Dispense!

Have supplies and sundries left your treatment rooms cluttered and confused? Return to order with these great dispensers and organizers:Triple Roll DispenserA must for every treatment room, the Triple Roll...

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Spice Up Your Retail Offerings

Offering retail products or gift cards? Don't have your customers leaving with a bland plastic bag. We offer all kinds of kraft bags and gift card holders that add extra...

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