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July 13, 2024
Breakfast For Your Skin- Egg White Treatments

I remember seeing do-it-yourself body care treatments growing up that all contained eggs or egg whites.I never tried it, the thought of slimy egg whites on my face was not...

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Jazz Up Your Clients' Faces with June Jacobs Cucumber Reviving Cream

This time of year for many can be rough for their skin. The colder weather, dry air and forced heat can wreak havoc with skin moisture.One of my favorite products...

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Hydration is KEY for the Upcoming Season!!

As the Fall season approaches the weather starts to become chilly and this can cause dryness and roughness of the skin. Keeping skin looking healthy and smooth can sometimes be...

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Pour Some Sugar On Me

I'm a huge fan of body scrubs, my all time favorite is still the Desert Mineral Detox Scrub. I am always looking for great new products to try and recommend.This...

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Ahhhh-mazing-ness in a Bottle- Facial Toner

Keeping clean skin and unclogged pores is the basic key for having clear and healthy looking skin. Have your clients cleanse, tone and balance their skin with facial toner!! Using...

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