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July 16, 2024
The Toe Separator Takeover of the Week!

Last week, the world experienced a toe-tally unexpected frenzy as the "Pedicure Toe Separators 360 PAIRS Mixed Colors" became the hottest commodity since sliced bread (and we all know how...

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Steady Hands, Flawless Nails: Introducing the Nail Polish Bottle Holder Stand!

Sometimes the simplest things are the coolest things. Introducing the Nail Polish Bottle Holder Stand - very popular last week! No more awkward hand positions or accidental polish disasters. With...

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A Message from the Expert!

Last week, the OPI Expert Touch Lacquer Remover was flying off the shelves faster than a toupee in a windstorm! I heard it removes nail lacquer fast, while hydrating and...

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Space, Money & Time Saver - Encore Wall-Mount Nail Polish Displays

Looking to free up space in your nail area or clean up your Encore Wall-Mount Nail Polish Displays are available in 3 different sizes to fit your design needs! These...

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Miss Webril - Sounds Like a Librarian!

Just kidding! It's a cotton band! MISS WEBRIL 100% Cotton Bands / 15' x 1 1/4" / 6 Rolls - was a super hot item last week! We were selling...

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Save Your Manicure!

So you just got a beautiful manicure. Now you need to pick up cotton balls and/or other small items, but you don't want to ruin your manicure. Well I have...

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How Do I Get the Polish Off?

We sell nail polish every single day. But how do you get that nail polish off? Lint-Free Nail Wipes of course! These were really moving last week. They also come...

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Nail Wipes

Nail wipes are always popular at Pure Spa Direct, however last week we saw hundreds of these lint free nail wipes leave the warehouse. I have heard from the girls...

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"A Little Guilt Under the Kilt"

Get your kilt and your bagpipes - we're going to Scotland! Well not really, but OPI did with its new Scotland Collection! You might enjoy the colors, but I absolutely...

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