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April 12, 2024
Elevate Your Spa Sessions with Marimba's Masterpiece Table!

Discover the Marimba Magic: The Game-Changer in Professional Treatment TablesEvery once in a while, an innovation graces the world of spas, wellness centers, and medical facilities. Meet the Marimba Multi-Functional...

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Empress Chair - The Ultimate in Multifunctional Spa Tables

The Empress Chair is the premiere entry in TouchAmerica's line of multifunction spa tables. Designed for smaller rooms in medical spas or salons, the Empress Chair is perfect for medi-spa...

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Ahhhh... Breath Relaxation Lounger

Outfit your spa with the most comfortable relaxation loungers - the Breath Pedi-Lounge by TouchAmerica.The Breath Pedi-Lounge is a multipurpose relaxation lounge that offers zero-gravity comfort. Locks in position for...

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Kick Off 2017 With a Bang!

Looking to take your business to the next level for 2017? Check out the TouchAmerica line of furniture for cutting edge furniture that is both beautiful and functional!One of the...

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Provide Himalyan Salt benefits for ALL of Your Clients!

Salt is one of the Earth's oldest healing elements with recorded accounts of its use dating back to 1600BC Egypt. Salt's powerful healing properties are most effective when it is...

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Short on Space? This Functional Cart will Change Your Life!

Are you looking for more than "just a cart" for your esthetics room? Well, we've got it - with plenty of storage, plus a ton of working space, the Touch...

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No Space for a Salt Room? Your Clients Can Still Benefit from Himalayan Salt!

Himalayan Salt has long been acclaimed for its unique healing properties. These sea salts are some of the best sources of a huge number of minerals that support life on...

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All-In-One Spa Table Makes the Most of Your Space and Opens New Avenues for Profit!

The #1 challenge we hear from our clients is that they do not have ample space to provide all of the services they wish they could perform. Here at Pure...

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