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June 19, 2024
Elevate Your Cutting Game with Victoria Vintage Scissors

Every so often a product comes across my desk that I just love. Well, let me introduce you to the Victoria Vintage Scissors - Sharp Blades - Silver! They look...

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Out With The Old, In With The Vintage - Antique Barber Chair!

If you have a classic, vintage or antique style for your business, the Encore Antique Barber Chair will fit right in!This intricately-styled

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Antique Elegance - Elevate Your Hydraulic Chair!

You work hard to create your brand appearance and ambiance for your clients. The intricately-styled Encore Antique Barber Chair is the perfect addition to your décor. With beautiful details, this...

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Looking For A Modern Vintage Look?

What your clients see when they walk in your door sets the tone for their visit. Is it a bright, bustling, upbeat look and feel, or is it a calm,...

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Vintage-Inspired Hair Styles for your Clients Fall Weddings!

Now that it's officially Fall and October, I'm sure you have a few clients who are getting married this month. Fall is a beautiful time to tie the knot! It's...

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Take Me to the Barber Shop

Ah the past... something us humans tend to romanticize about. Barber shops are specifically known to have a fun, retro vibe, but did you know that the Barber's trade actually...

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