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July 15, 2024
Mastering the Art of Waxing: An Essential Guide for Spas and Salons

Enhancing Your Spa and Salon Services: The Complete Guide to Offering WaxingWaxing has long been a staple in spas and salons due to its effectiveness in hair removal and the...

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A Treatment Table Done Right!

One of our newer treatment tables has everything you need, at an affordable price!Take a look at the DIR Alnatt Electric Treatment Table!Available in Black and White. It's a perfect...

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Building onto Brazilians

The waxing trend is in full swing, and I want to make sure you are making the most of your time! The majority of waxers I speak with continually say...

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Wax Spotlight: White Chocolate for the WIN!

One of our favorite things here is to test out all the amazing waxes from around the world that Pure Spa Direct carries. We often participate in training led by...

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Wax Spotlight: Miss Cire

Miss Cire is taking the waxing industry by storm! After trying some options, I have found my new favorite!Drumroll, please...Miss Cire Besame MuchoBesides an adorable name, this clear hypoallergenic wax...

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Waxing Retail Ideas

Waxing is huge right now! I speak to waxers every day, and have personal experience in the field as well! As a waxer, it is so important to educate your...

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Synthetic Wax Spotlight: Pink Pearl

ItalWax offers a line of synthetic hard film wax, that I am hearing rave reviews about!Why use synthetic wax? It has so many benefits! Hypoallergenic, allergy free wax for sensitive...

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Is Your Wax Dripping with Gold? Ours Is!

Everyone is all about Gold these days. Last week, I saw a video on social media about Chicken Fingers dusted in 24K gold! Not surprisingly, spas are all about the...

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Hygiene Help for Waxers

Waxing season is here. I know from talking to our clients just how many waxes they are doing a day, and it's a lot!Looking for something to make it easier?...

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