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Thoughtful Tools For Skincare

Thoughtful Tools For Skincare

Never underestimate the importance of high-quality tools... they can make a difference between mediocrity and excellence!

Want to see what we sell the most of?

Ingrown Hair Tweezer
This Ingrown Hair Tweezer is made of high-quality stainless steel that is perfect for use in an autoclave. Features ultra-sharp and precisely honed elongated points that are perfect for removing ingrown hair, splinters, ticks and anything else embedded under the skin. The strong grip picks up even the smallest of hair.

Sanitization: All implements must be sanitized in a disinfectant solution with a rust inhibitor (Recommend Barbicide Disinfectant).

Stainless Steel Sterile Lancets
Lancets are the sharp bits that are used to prick yourself, to draw a small drop of blood, to test for glucose if you are diabetic. You can prick yourself with these on their own if you are brave, but most people find it much easier to use these lancets in a lancing device.

These stainless steel lancets are steam autoclave sterilized, meeting all specifications of the United States Government FDA. The point tapers from all sides for minimum skin trauma and pain. The sides are ridges to prevent slipping. These lancets are longer than usual in order to create easier handling.

Comedone No-Slip Extractor
This specialized skincare tool features a thin angled loop to gently roll out whiteheads and a flat side to press out blackheads.

Angled loops for hard to reach areas and knurled body for more control.

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