Nacach Wax - Chocolate Waxing Kit

Nacach Wax
NW-333301   CHOCO-KIT
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Nacach Wax - Chocolate Waxing Kit. Excellent for travel, this professional waxing kit comes with one S/4 single-cartridge warmer, 3 wax cartridges of your choice, and 100 non-woven pre-cut epilating strips. The roll-on wax in this traveling kit is made in Italy with the finest natural hypoallergenic ingredients for optimal hair removal. Our professional waxing kits are ideal for on-the-go estheticians and beauty school students who are just getting started.

Nacach Wax Chocolate Wax Kit Includes::

  • Single cartridge warmer (fits 100 ml / 110 ml cartridges)
  • (3) 100 ml / 3.3 fl. oz. chocolate wax cartridges
  • (100) non-woven pre-cut epilating wax strips