Theratools Himalayan Salt Round Massage Tool / Large - 3.0" Diameter

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Theratools Himalayan Salt Round Massage Tool / Large - 3.0" Diameter. Enhance your massage services with Himalayan Salt! The TheraTools® Himalayan Salt Small Round Massage Tool is carved to fit into your hands ergonomically and provide an extension to your current techniques. Salt stones can be used either hot or cold and will last a long time when kept away from water and treated with proper care. All stones have broad, flat surfaces - great for effleurage over large muscle groups. Can be used to provide a full body service or added to your menu as a massage enhancement. Coconut oil is recommended for proper glide with the stones. To clean, wipe with Rejuvenate® Disinfectant Wipes between clients. Himalayan crystal salt is sourced from the Himalayan mountain range near Pakistan and includes 84 trace minerals and elements. Small: 2.5" D. Large: 3.0" D.