thermaBliss® Ergonomic Multi Tool Stones - Perform Hot Stone Massages, Anywhere, Anytime! / 2 Count by Spa Revolutions

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thermaBliss® Ergonomic Multi Tool Stones - Perform Hot Stone Massages, Anywhere, Anytime! / 2 Count. Experience the ultimate enhancement therapy with thermaBliss® Ergonomic Multi Tool Stones. Designed for professionals in spas, salons, massage therapists, doctor's offices, waxing technicians, and nail technicians, these handcrafted porcelain stones are a game-changer in the industry. With their patented self-heating technology and versatile functionality, thermaBliss® Stones maximize client touch time and minimize therapist stress and strain. Let these exceptional stones elevate your services and revolutionize your practice.

Unleash The Power Of Thermabliss Stones

Featuring the innovative thermaBliss mineral energy, these stones boast a range of benefits that will impress both you and your clients. Here's what makes thermaBliss Stones a must-have in your professional toolkit:

  • Long-lasting Heat: With the thermaBliss Stones, you can provide up to 90 minutes of soothing heat. No more interruptions to reheat stones during a session—these stones deliver consistent warmth throughout the treatment.
  • Chilled Therapy: Expand your services by utilizing the thermaBliss Stones for chilled therapy. Perfect for refreshing and invigorating treatments, these stones offer a versatile solution for various modalities.
  • Efficiency Redefined: Unlike traditional hot stones, thermaBliss Stones require no electricity or equipment. Simply choose the desired charge, add water, and activate the self-heating technology. Get the same heat as a full hot stone massage using just two stones.
  • Ergonomic Design: Say goodbye to therapist stress and strain. The thermaBliss Stones are specifically designed to reduce the risk of repetitive stress injuries. Their uniform size and thickness provide easy heat management, ensuring comfort for both you and your clients.
  • Superior Craftsmanship: Made from natural minerals like kaolin, feldspar, quartz, and clay, these handcrafted porcelain stones are not only beautiful but also highly durable. Kiln-fired to a glass-like density, they guarantee long-term reliability.

Enhance Your Practice With Thermabliss Stones

Unleash the full potential of your services with thermaBliss Stones. Whether you specialize in hot stone massages, reflexology, spot therapy, or full-body treatments, these stones have you covered. Here's why they should be your go-to choice:

  • Maximized Touch Time: Stop wasting precious minutes on stone sanitization and cycling. thermaBliss Stones are self-heating and non-porous, eliminating the need for constant maintenance. Focus on delivering exceptional treatments and maximize your client touch time.
  • Professional-Grade Quality: Crafted from natural minerals, thermaBliss Stones offer a superior alternative to traditional stones. Their fine, non-porous texture provides excellent grip when used with a gliding agent like oil or lotion. Your clients will enjoy a seamless experience.
  • Quiet and Efficient: Bid farewell to noisy stone heaters. thermaBliss Stones require no electrical outlet, cables, or batteries. They operate silently, allowing you to create a serene environment for your clients.
  • Sustainability Matters: Join the movement towards sustainability. thermaBliss Stones use minimal water, saving thousands of gallons annually. Reduce your environmental impact while offering exceptional treatments.
  • On-Demand Versatility: Customize each treatment with the desired thermaBliss Charge. These charges contain powerful natural minerals, such as iron and magnesium, providing a radiant, soothing, and effective dose of heated or chilled therapy.
  • Portable and Convenient: Ideal for mobile spa services, thermaBliss Stones are lightweight and easy to transport. Take your practice anywhere and provide top-notch treatments on the go.

Easy Cleaning And Maintenance

Keeping your thermaBliss Stones clean and sanitized is a breeze. Thanks to their highly vitrified and non-porous surface, they won't absorb bacteria. Follow these simple steps for cleaning:

  1. Sanitization: Disinfect the stones in under 60 seconds with an approved disinfectant. This quick process ensures a hygienic environment for each client.
  2. Sterilization: For those who prioritize the highest level of safety, thermaBliss Stones can be easily sterilized in an autoclave. Rest assured that your stones meet the strictest standards.
  3. Disposal: To dispose of the non-toxic Charge gel after each treatment, simply shake out the majority of it into a trash bin. Rinse any residual gel down the sink for effortless cleanup.

Discover The Thermabliss Advantage

Make thermaBliss Stones an indispensable part of your professional practice. With their unparalleled features and benefits, these stones will elevate your services and enhance client satisfaction. Take your treatments to the next level and join the growing community of professionals who trust thermaBliss.

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