ATZEN® PURIFY™ - Calm and Clear™ - Clear Mask / 1.7 oz

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Transform Your Skin Care Offerings with PURIFY Clear Mask. Introducing the PURIFY Clear Mask, a revolutionary solution for spas, salons, and beauty professionals aiming to elevate their client's skin care regimen. Dubbed the "7 Minute Rescue," this mask is specifically designed to address and soothe sensitized, acneic skin while balancing oily complexions.

Its unique formula offers a quick, effective treatment to tighten and clear pores, significantly reduce under-eye bags, and promote a healthy, radiant complexion. Equip your services with this advanced mask to deliver immediate, visible results to your clients.

Exclusive Benefits of PURIFY Clear Mask

  • Quickly soothes and balances oily and sensitive skin
  • Addresses acneic concerns, tightening and clearing pores effectively
  • Reduces bags under the eyes, enhancing overall skin appearance
  • Formulated with our Superior to Organic® ingredients, combining the best of organic plants and advanced skincare science
  • Trusted by professionals for its natural, clean, and effective results
  • Certified by Leaping Bunny, ensuring cruelty-free practices
  • Ideal for sensitized and acneic skin types, available in a 50 ml/1.7 fl.oz. professional size

Why Incorporate PURIFY Clear Mask into Your Treatments?

By adding PURIFY Clear Mask to your professional skin care lineup, you provide a value-added service that caters directly to the needs of clients seeking fast and effective solutions for their skin concerns. This mask not only enhances your treatment capabilities but also solidifies your reputation as a provider of high-quality, results-driven skin care solutions.

Embrace the PURIFY Clear Mask to deliver a transformative skin care experience. Its potent blend of ingredients ensures your clients leave feeling refreshed, with visibly clearer and more radiant skin.